Pasaje Entre Rios

Soup’s On at Mamba Contemporary Art Museum

Over the past year a few guests have expressed disappointment with the exhibitions at Mamba, Buenos Aires’ Museum of Contemporary Art. Admission to Mamba is included in the walk.

Although I don’t share that disappointment, I agree that there hasn’t been a show designed to “wow” visitors for quite a while.

Well, the new two-floor retrospective of the three-person collective known as Mondongo might just amaze you, as a guest from Turkey said it did her the other day.

The downstairs hall is curated by Kevin Power, who worked with Ai Weiwei, among other artists, and the newly opened upstairs hall is a unified exhibition called Argentina. It consists of large landscape panels made with some unusual materials, manipulated to create a relief or 3D effect. They’re impressive and contain a couple surprises if you look closely, and you will want to. They surround the viewer in the hall and their depths and textures beg for close inspection and even interpretation.

Landscape by Mondongo Pasaje Entre Rios

Downstairs, the gigantic portraits also reward getting close to the surface of the works. The artists expertly convey light and shadow on human skin with uncanny verisimilitude, particularly considering the materials used.

Come and see the exhibition on the San Telmo Art & History Walk and discover it with us.

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