San Telmo Art & History Walk

Walking Tour of Buenos Aires' Oldest Barrio

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The San Telmo Art & History Walk is offered Monday thru Friday and Saturday by appointment. You MUST reserve a space ahead of time. Same-day reservations are not likely to be confirmed.

The San Telmo Art & History Walk covers

  • The basic history of Argentina and San Telmo including Spanish colonial origins, the British invasion, the Dirty War and contemporary politics. We will visit an important memorial to the disappeared.
  • The story of street art in Argentina and in San Telmo including prolific barrio artists such as Grolou, Malegría and ene ene.
  • The story of fileteado in Argentina
  • Art and culture in Argentina and Buenos Aires, including contemporary art, public mural art and a visit to Mamba modern art museum; the Argentine writers, Jorge Luis Borges, Rodolfo Walsh, and Ernesto Sabato; and a little bit of tango
  • Restaurant and bar recommendations (Of course!)
  • Anything and everything we see as we walk the streets of San Telmo!
  • Mate!

Note: Mamba museum is no longer open on Mondays but MacBA is. The entrance fee to MacBA is not included in the tour price. It’s 25 pesos extra.

There are two versions of the tour. The shorter version takes around 2 and a half hours and is offered twice daily Monday thru Friday. This tour costs USD $20 per person, or the equivalent in Argentine pesos. Please try to bring exact change. I can’t give change in dollars.

The extended version takes about 3 hours and is a leisurely tour for visitors who want maximum exposure to the barrio and to its art in the streets. This tour is offered on Saturdays by appointment or throughout the week as determined by time and availability. First come, first served. This tour costs USD $28 person, or the equivalent in Argentine pesos.

I am also available on Sundays to guide you through the San Telmo Market. Formal tours are impossible on such a crowded day but I can point out the best things to sample in the neighborhood and provide translation when necessary. My fee for this is USD $25 per hour, or the Argentine equivalent in pesos.

The extended tour also includes a free gift for each guest.

It’s possible to customize this tour for folks with specific interests in the arts and/or history, including meeting with a fileteador or a local street artist or a local expert on history. Obviously, tours like this must be booked and planned well in advance. I have given 5-hour tours on Saturdays that have included lunch and a beer or two,.

Use the form below to make a reservation, which is required. Please give me 24 hours notice. If you are not able to show up, please cancel via e-mail or call me via the number you’ll receive in your confirmation. I keep tours small so it’s possible your no-show will end up with my standing on the corner looking like a prat.

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  1. Laura Vazquez
    November 21, 2013


    Mi nombre es Laura Vazquez y trabajo para The Clubhouse de Oasis Collections, el unico Club privado de miembros en BA. Nos encantaria poder ofrecer su tour a nuestro huespedes ya que nuestro lugar hace mucho foco en el arte y nos parece que seria una propuesta interesante para los miembros del lugar. Me podrian pasar algun tipo de contacto para contarles un poco mas a que nos dedicamos.
    Espero su respuesta

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